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“It’s So Much More Than Kicking & Punching!” 

“It’s About Character Development, Life Skills & Leadership Training”  [column size=”2-3″ last=”0″ style=”0″]Our Karate Programs for children are the perfect place for your child to improve confidence and self-discipline, develop focus all while having fun!. While we teach a comprehensive system of martial arts and self defense, the main focus of all our Children’s programs is character development, life skills and leadership training.

Here is what the parent’s are saying:

“Gabrielle has shown such a tremendous improvement in her self-confidence in such a short period of time… She has that “Yes I Can” attitude… Karate has been a positive influence in her life.” Marc Singer – Parent


“Ever since he began attending Pace, his demeanor changed.  Ryan suddenly had an outlet for his unstoppable and seemingly insurmountable energy.  His teachers remarked how his behavior at school had dramatically improved.”

“Ryan became a “model” citizen – saying “please”, “thank you”, “yes, sir” and “no, ma’am” almost to a fault.   Whereas Ryan’s kindergarten teacher asked me to have Ryan “tested” for hyperactivity, his second grade teacher could not praise him enough.  At home, Ryan would assume extra responsibilities with his sister without being asked, demonstrating what he learned at Pace about personal responsibility and self-governance.” Joy Hodge – Parent

Whether you are looking to help your child develop better focus, improved behavior or just want your child involved in an activity that will help them develop more structure, our children’s Programs are what you are looking for.

We are offering a 6 Week Trial Offer which includes Free Uniform for only $69. See for yourself the benefits in action. You can register by phone at or online by clicking the Buy Now button on the right.

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“When Tyler enrolled at Pace Institute a bit over 1 year ago, he was a somewhat shy and timid child that was hesitant to participate in anything involving his peers. Today, I  see a confident child, that enjoys the company of his peers and the group setting. Perhaps most importantly the respect and self-control that he demonstrates makes me a very proud parent.”  Joseph Jones – Parent




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